Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Drawing petition

Hello all, its good to see this project getting off the ground at long last. Dusty has been putting off the start of this comic/blog for months now because she doesn't think she can draw - I strongly disagree : ). At any rate I would hope to see a few pictures posted here from time to time - one of my favorites is the following (she won't post it, so I will just have to describe it)

The first panel shows a hunter loading a gun in a tree stand with a tranquilizer dart, next panel the hunter stands over the deer with a can of 'deer safe paint', next we see the deer happily grazing with other deer, and we catch a glimpse of color on one side. Finally, months later, we see the deer through the window of a speeding car a split second before the collision - as the driver freaks out and swerves, we see clearly visible on the side of the deer, a full color ad for "Joe's Auto Body and Collision Repair"

What do you think, shouldn't she post this one?

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